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Victoria is well-known for its disproportionately large retiree population. The city's chief industries are tourism, education, federal and provincial government administration and services. The wild beauty of the Pacific coast and the adventure of the great outdoors are within the city limits and ocean and mountain vistas will follow you wherever you go. Also included here are the Fitness Centre, Library, Bookstore, Student And Alumni And Employment Services, Counselling, Academic Advising, and the Career Resource Centre. At the heart of the campus is the Helmut Huber Cook Training Centre, where the campus community gets reasonably-priced lunch and breakfast. Interurban campus is located in Saanich, with a rural country-style setting atmosphere. It is only a 15-minute drive from downtown, and conveniently close to Interurban Road. The Campus Centre is the point of entry for people who are looking for information about the the colleges programs and services. English, if you're taking an English course at Camosun, there's a Help Centre for you. Whether you need assistance with your homework, or you're looking for inspiration or guidance or other resources, we can help. Through events, festivals and holidays, Victoria and Vancouver Island experience a taste of the world right in their own backyard. Victoria has a temperate climate. Daily temperatures rise above 30C on an average of one or two days per year and fall below -5C on an average of only 2 nights per year. Learn more. It has fitness facilities, sports clubs, and recreational activities which include: Yoga, Pilates, Boot Camp, Kung Fu, Weights, and Hip Hop. Academic Programs, scholarships and Financial Aid, camosun offers students government loans grants, which include funding sources for full-time and part-time students, bursaries, scholarships awards; and education financing work tips.