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Especially Buffers new image posting feature lets you right-click any image on the web and then share it in full-size to your wall in seconds. No more downloading, uploading nightmare here. Your team's information all in one place, with t you can manage your season calendar, school records, athlete roster, meet entries, meet results and much more. Storing and sharing your team's information has never been so easy.

One of the things we focus on most at Buffer is the best time to post to Twitter and Facebook. This is because we want to help you get more engagement with your audience, which is beneficial for everyone. According to Socially Stacked, 42 of Facebook fans like a page in order to get a discount or coupon. A study by Wildfire Interactive showed that coupon-based campaigns received the highest engagement rates. Belle Beth Cooper is a Content Crafter at Buffer and cofounder of Hello Code. Follow her on Twitter at @BelleBethCooper. This post originally appeared on Buffer, and is reprinted with permission.

A report from earlier this year showed that 35 of Facebook fans liked Facebook pages specifically to compete in contests. Contests obviously solicit interaction by asking for people to enter. It turns out this can work, as "caption this photo"-style contests actually bring in 5.5 times more comments than regular posts.

1. Photo posts get 39 more interaction, not only do photo posts get more engagement than links, videos or text-based updates, they actually account for 93 of the most engaging posts on Facebook. Engagement rates on Thursday and Friday are 18 higher, compared to other days in the week, Buddymedias study found that engagement rates for Facebook are 18 higher on Thursdays and Fridays.