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And you still wonder why British newspapers contain more and more opinion and less and less news? And people with regular jobs please note: out of these rates, freelance journalists have to meet our own bills for tax, National Insurance, days off sick, holidays, pensions, phones, cameras, computers, and internet connections - and we need to eat on all the. We offer among the highest freelance writer rates in the industry. Our full package of writing jobs offers options to meet your writing preferences.

This is not good for journalism, and it's not good for a public which depends on experienced journalists to keep it and its decisions informed. Non-journalists may think that some of these numbers represent a lot of money for what sometimes seems from outside like little work.

If that happens, no-one with experience will be able to afford to stay in journalism. The evidence is that it is happening: many publications are paying freelance journalists less than they did five years ago.

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The Union produces a briefing sheet specifically for photographer members to explain to potential clients why they have to charge what they do and why it's worth engaging a proper photographer with proper (and expensive) equipment. Our freelance writing jobs cover a broad range of subject disciplines. Every freelance writer is matched to a specific specialty to ensure quality products.