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Types of Coursework My Birkbeck

Long essay or project, the long essay or project must be on a subject chosen in consultation and agreed with the lecturer and / or supervisor. Long essays or projects should conform to the following format: One and half lines spaced typescript on one side of A4 paper with a 2.5cm margins on the left and right hand side. Reviews should include a 50100 word synopsis of the work, a brief review of the main points of interest and key themes, whether it was pitched correctly for its target audience, how far it has achieved its objectives, plus comparison with previous or similar works. Interviews, you may be asked to conduct interviews with individuals or groups. You must be able to explain how you chose your interviewees and why, what questions you asked and why, your criteria for evaluating their answers as well as how you prepared for the interview. These pages tell you how to improve your coursework, for example, about good writing and presentation techniques to help you get those extra marks! They also. Executive summaries, these are summaries of a report, case study, proposal or other document and should include key points and recommendations. Always remember: To use an uncluttered layout. For example use a bullet point format, such as numbered points/indented points. Illustrated material, such as maps and diagrams, must not be loose and must be folded to A4 size if necessary. Long essays and projects are not returned to you and we advise you to make a duplicate copy of your long essay or project before submission.

Departmental Code of Practice. 1.1, Every Department shall have an explicit. Coursework Code of Practice which meets the minimum standards set out in this.