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For example, repeated references to the director in a short passage can be irritating. You can easily correct such repetition by substituting a proper name ( Joel Coen ) or an article ( he ). NOT Hollywood movies have three purposes: to entertain, to make money, and advertising a way of life. Coordination joins two related sentences with a conjunction (and, but, or, nor, for). Hollywood movies are meant primarily to entertain and to make money, and less obviously, they aim to advertise a way of life.

Revising these sentences, the writer communicates the material far more effectively and economically through parallels, coordination, and subordination: Active in film and theater since 1944, Ingar Bergman is the premier Swedish filmmaker.

Although The Seventh Seal (1956) is his most famous movie, his most visually complicated is Persona (1966 while the first dramatizes typical Bergman concerns with theological and social angst, the second examines that angst as it relates to images, personalities, and the cinema. Uses comedy to address issues of American poverty, prison, oppression, and despair during the Great Depression.) 2. Use the following stylistic strategies to vary your sentence patterns: Parallels draws attention to the relation between, or the equation of, two or more facts or ideas: Hollywood movies have three purposes: to entertain, to make money, and to advertise a way of. What was most shocking and brilliant about Life Is Beautiful is that it uses language of comedy to depict the horror of the Holocaust. II. Normally Holocaust films have been strenuously serious: A. Concreteness is the heart of some of the best film writing, largely because the reader depends so much on the visualization of a scene or sequence. Also the accuracy with which a writer describes what he or she sees is often the most convincing way to make a point.