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How to Write a Bibliography - Examples in MLA Style

5. Date OF publication a) For a book, use the copyright year as the date of publication, e.g.: 2005, not 2005 or Copyright 2005, i.e. Do not draw the symbol for copyright, or add the word Copyright in front of the year.

In the same light as an analytic paper, a compare and contrast research paper explores multiple vantage points and tries to objectively explore them. In the case of compare and contrast however, you will likely only be comparing two or possible three subjects. There are several formats including MLA, Chicago, and APA style. They all follow the basic format of introduction, body, and conclusion but each will have a different order of information that you should write and they will have you format citations and references differently. "Dyslexia." World Book Encyclopedia. 2000 ed. Do not confuse a subheading in a long article with the title of the article, i.e., do not use the subheading History or People as the title if the main title of the article is Germany. Chicago, APA, and MLA. Menu Menu. Home; About; Privacy Policy; Contact Us; Research Paper Example. The first and most important step in writing a research paper. Also, do not use Roman numerals for encyclopedia volume numbers if Arabic numbers are given. G) To cite an article from a well known encyclopedia, such as Americana, Britannica, or World Book, you need not indicate the editor, place of publication, publisher, or number of volumes in the set. In your second and third drafts, refine your wording and strengthen your grammar until you are ready for your final draft. Your final draft should be edited by either a teacher or a professional editor depending on how important you paper is.

There are also a few other types of papers which are much more rare, such as interpretive papers, cause and effect papers, and specific types of papers created by the professor.