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When you have found a piece of copy that works try improving parts of it and testing it against the original. Send the original to 1,000 people and the new version to a different 1,000. Kiss is a rule for marketing in general Keep It Simple, Stupid! 6. Make it crystal clear what you want them to do. Action is the thing that many people doing their own copywriting forget. With all other factors staying equal, which one performs the best? More on marketing your business, byteStart is packed with tips to help you promote your business more effectively. Some of our most popular marketing guides include; And for help on getting press coverage and making an impact with social media, try these; Tagged as: copywriting, marketing, writing, tweet. For example, look at ByteStart. The main feature is that it has hundreds of articles written by experts, all dedicated to helping you start up your own business. But its the benefit that is more exciting. For example, writing for SEO (search engine optimization) requires an understanding of the complexities of search engines. The right writer will fit your marketing projects and goals. EAGs writers are published in numerous newspapers, trade journals and other media in Kansas City and across the globe. Our Copywriting Services, website copywriting, copywriting for search engine optimization. Blog copywriting, content development for social media, copywriting for brochures, ads and direct mail, copy editing and proofreading. Long form copywriting, press release writing, storytelling for marketing, testimonial creation, awards submissions. And how do you get testimonials? Just ask your customers! The majority of people who have had a positive experience with a business will be happy to endorse it. 5. Aida and kiss, the aida and kiss acronyms are great ways to remember two golden rules of copywriting.