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Aiepro Baguio English Excellence winter Camp, december 10 - 14 (Weekday january 11-13 (Weekend) what ARE THE benefits OF this program? Speak English more proficiently. Sharpen your communication skills. Build your confidence. Click on the following links for more information about Chris: Young, Articulate, and Bold - Manila Bulletin Chris Delacruz Promotes Kindness - Seattle University Chris Delacruz Introduction and Resume will YOU geertificate? It is called Summer Capital of the country, which means many people come to Baguio to spend summer vacation to cool off. Famous landmarks that are often visited include Mansion House - the official vacation house of the President of the Philippines, Philippine Military Academy, and the Court of Justice which ensures safety of the entire community. Php 3,995 - Course Php 2,000 - Accommodation Php 1,000 - Tour Assistance Php 7,000 - total only Php 3,500 WOW! That's 50 OFF! ONE OF your facilitators: Christopher R. Delacruz is one of the founders of The American Institute, the Philippines' premiere training center for English proficiency training and career development, a Filipino online restaurant, and the biggest English. Without running an air-conditioner, students could feel comfort while studying. Unlike other tourist attractions in the Philippines, there are no entertainment establishments and casinos in the city and this favorable condition helps leaners focus on studying. Save thousands of pesos while experiencing life. WHO should attend? Filipino professionals from different fields or industries: teachers, nurses, office workers. Recent college graduates who are looking to improve their chances getting hired.

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