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Can help extend speech therapy. If a survivor's progress is not consistently, measurably improving,  insurance companies typically will end therapy. By providing lots of drill-practice, computer-assisted speech therapy can help improve progress and prevent the insurance company from terminating therapy. Provides drill work that a therapist often can't provide. Survivors often reach temporary plateaus in their recovery.  To get past a plateau, they need a lot of drill work at the same level. 

Clinicians around the world have been using the Bungalow programs for over a decade.  These speech therapy programs can help speech therapists save time and deliver better results. Summary of Benefits, clinically proven. There are plenty of classes that focus on perfecting grammar and improving speaking, writing, and reading ability. But patients don't get practice at home, so they never return for more therapy. Until now. Using Bungalow programs at home can help patients work through their plateau before insurance cancels therapy. If you are a non-native speaker, you might want to consider checking out the higher levels of Rosetta Stone for English. Obviously, you are able to speak English so the first two or three levels would be useless to you, but the higher levels, especially the fifth level, deal with perfecting grammar as well as expanding vocabulary. But Drill work is not covered by insurance because Insurance companies do not believe it requires the skills of a licensed therapist, so therapists usually can't provide that drill work therapy. I have heard stories about immigrants to America speaking perfect English with perfect accents because they used that software. Other than that, you may want to consider writing an essay, a long one, about anything that interests you, then have someone that you know is good with grammar correct it.