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Higher order thinking skills goals for this activity. PSAs rely on a number of higher-order thinking skills including: Research, analysis and synthesis of complex climate science content, data, images and ideas.

Familiarize yourself with the two PowerPoints and the handouts. The CAM Powerful PSAs PowerPoint has links to five PSA videos that form the basis of class discussions in the pre-production phase.

Examples of content areas that are natural fits for a climate change PSA include: Energy. Ecology and environmental science, weather and climate, earth Science, media Studies, societal issues. Economics, geography, skills and concepts that students must have mastered, the PSA activity may be more meaningful for students if they have previously had some background in climate science and media production. You will use the CAM Before You Tape PowerPoint to review tips on shooting techniques (ex. Rules of Thirds, lighting, sound etc.)in the beginning of the production phase. Review the project's student handouts and the rubrics with students before they begin pre-production. Collaboration with other students, using twenty-first century communication skills, using compelling story telling, metaphors and images to deliver a message. Skills goals for this activity: When creating a PSA, students learn and apply the following media skills: Background internet research from vetted sources, pitching a PSA proposal to peers, storyboarding and script writing. Angelica Allende Brisk, Cambridge Media Arts Studio (original author Ana Caldeira, Somerville, MA High School, Tobe Stromberg, Cambridge (MA) Rindge and Latin High School, Candace Dunlap, terc (editors) Author Profile, summary, students research a climate change topic of their choice and create a Public Service Announcement (PSA) that communicates their understanding of the science, raises awareness about the causes and.

The climate climate PSA project is well suited for a culminating project to a unit of study. Alternatively, a unit on climate change may be structured around creating the PSA. In this approach, the student's ability to research, evaluate, organize and structure climate science information in order to create the PSA becomes the primary focus for assessment. Make sure you review ground rules for critiquing other students' work before you begin. Your fellow art teachers would be a good resource for help with critiquing. Ask students to consider how they might take their work beyond the classroom.