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This is to be a physical map. Other social studies classes will view and try to guess what place you have created. In addition to the map, you are to include 5 different clues to help others determine what place it is. Middle School - m, general Sites for MIddle School Students, what's Happening Today - Tuesday, Oct. 06, 2015. Learn Something New Today, quick Reference, study Break, kick back with fun games and activities., StartSpot Mediaworks, Inc. Paint and label the ocean borders (if applicable). Hints: For a more attractive map, dont put your map directly on bare cardboard. Paint the cardboard or cover it with foil first.

Use a ruler to measure your map and draw it to scale. DO NOT PUT THE name OF your region ON THE MAP! Mystery Map Rubric Name: _ Hour: _ Mystery Map was completed on time. 7. Include a color-coded map key of the region. Details (optional but will improve grade Paint on rivers and lakes. Paint any other important features. Paint and label the surrounding countries. These clues need to be on index cards and could include the capital, major rivers, mountain ranges, large cities, exports, etc. The clues could also be a picture of its flag, major tourist attractions, or other important items from the region. 2. Mix salt and flour using 2 parts salt to 1 part flour. 3. Stir in enough water to make a smooth heavy paste. 4. Divide the paste into enough parts for each different region.