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101 Funny and Hilarious Facebook Status Updates

The subject of this Facebook story by a local news station proves why. These stories arent even as uncommon as one may think. Yes, criminals all over the world are getting busted by bragging about their crimes on Facebook or, worse, breaking into homes, checking their Facebook and forgetting to log out. Plus, if something did go wrong, youd really only have to worry about yourself instead of other passengers trying to get to the exit or putting everyone in danger somehow. Maybe it wouldnt be so bad after all. I figured that was the case with this one. I mean, there are a few ways you could read 420. It could be 4:20 as in 20 minutes after 4 in the afternoon. For that reason, I can totally see where this ambulance driver was coming from, but I have to wonder if his efforts were actually successful. Did people actuall. Just imagine the ramifications though. These girls never seem to go anywhere without their cameras. If they flew south, wed probably get even more Duck Face. Not worth it. Image source: m 03: Flawed Logic, this is one of those great funny Facebook statuses in which the original status isnt really all that funny but the comments on the status. Really, people the sun is a star. It is. If you argue with that, you are wrong. I can be a little more forgiving with the tomato thing. Technically speaking, tomatoes do belong to the fruit family for various scientific reasons you can look up on your own.

Its just perfect, isnt it? And for far too many people, its also very true. Source: m 08: Please tell me shes kidding. Please. This one is a classic in the world of funny Facebook statuses.