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I will prove my competence by continually working on improving my skills and information important to the profession and applying them in practice. As a YYY advocate I stay abreast on new information by attending monthly in-service training sessions. I didn't want to blatantly address the issue in fear that she would put her guard up, so I instead indirectly asked questions of how she felt when seeing her biological family.

The differentiation is based on situational, cultural, ethnic diversity, and intellectual abilities. Volunteering as a YYY I approached my foster child's case with sensitivity. The more visits with her enabled me to assess that she always used aggression in problematic situations.

In order for social justice to be achieved, social workers must hold social institutions responsible and accountable. Along with this, an imperative value to uphold as a social worker is to bring service to others using knowledge, experiences and skills. The aforementioned experiences and personal exposure gave me the insight to realize I want to earn a Masters in Social Work with a specialization in child welfare. I have a compassion to help people who are struggling with hardships and who are overcoming obstacles in their life. Foster youth need special attention and guidance; this is essential in order to stop the cycle of violence, and drug and alcohol abuse in families. Working with YYY made me realize that abuse and neglect toward children and youth is always going to be a societal issue, and I want to devote my professional career to helping youth overcome internal.

The key aspect of the social work profession is enhancing the needs of an individual which in turn promotes the welfare of society as a whole. One of the social worker's core values is social justice; this is achieved by providing people who are oppressed or vulnerable necessary information and services to improve their quality of life.

I was able to counsel my assigned YYY child on how to view the future with excitement, by setting and reaching goals. It is extremely unfortunate that many foster children and youth are set up for failure because they have a limited support system and/or no role models in their lives.