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Reporting services custom code parameters

Embedded Code, now obviously expressions have their limitations, they arent reusable throughout our report as we need to copy and paste them into each cell or property and they cant really execute any logic. And what do you do when users want to view the report in a variety of formats? These are the kinds of considerations that ssrs addresses very well without additional design effort from you. SQL is a powerful language that can be used to process a fair amount of business logic. Where possible, you should leverage the query languageand especially persistent database objects like stored proceduresto encapsulate complex rules. As a.NET programmer, I thought that reports would be a natural extension of my programming efforts. After building several complex reporting solutions and working alongside other professionals to architect large-scale reporting solutions for almost a decade, I've come to realize that the vast majority of ssrs reporting solutions don't require a lot of custom programming.

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Demonstrating How to Create and Use a Custom Assembly. In the following demonstration, you'll see how to build a custom assembly that assembles a T-SQL statement based on several parameterized arguments. Introducing Custom Assemblies, an assembly is a reusable code module, typically written in a.NET programming language with Visual Studio and often compiled into a DLL file that contains reusable functions and other program logic.