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Watergate, the great Nixon controversy, and the May 4th, 1970 Kent State shootings in which the National Guard unleashed gunfire upon protesting students at Kent State in Ohio.

Some subtopics that can be written about are public works projects, tent cities, and deficit spending for all you economics majors. Another topic that can be looked at is McCarthyism. This topic can readily be referred to as a second great witch hunt in America. Aside from trench warfare there is also the topic of what caused the war, if it was Archduke Franz Ferdinands death or something else. Something comparative that comes out of this subject is the United States entered into the 1920s in an economic boom, but much of the world was already in a recession. The topic I thought of doing would be how technology influences the identity of the times. A few examples might include: The turn of the century (1900s the Renaissance, and the present day. Many of them caused a great stir in the folds or American history. One large topic that can be broken down into subtopics if need be is The Great Depression. It is one of the most memorable and trying times in America. Some interesting World War II subtopics include the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Japanese internment, or the bombing of Hiroshima. Three other wars Korea, Vietnam, and The Gulf War occurred during the 20th century. U.S. Presidents, mexican Revolution, explorers.