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What Information to Put on Luggage Tags Overstock

If you want to give an address but prefer not to include your home address, consider listing your office address if you work outside the home. Home Telephone Number: Home phone numbers are also considered controversial since potential thieves could access the address with a reverse phone number search. Emails from the airline can also be printed for reference and communication confirmation. Cautions Against Home Contact Details, some information is considered controversial in terms of travel safety to place on luggage tags. Expert traveller: Is it safe. To put my address on my luggage tag? Travel The Guardian Close, skip to main content. If you're planning to travel, don't overlook the importance of placing properly completed luggage tags on all of your bags. Filled out with accurate information, tags can be a lifesaver for your belongings. Families traveling with multiples suitcases for family members can put one primary contact name, such as a parent, on all suitcases. Cell phone number : If you carry a cell phone and can be contacted on it in the area to which you are traveling, this is often the best way for the airlines to reach you. This can be particularly helpful if you won't have cell phone access in the area you're traveling, or in case your phone battery dies, has limited access, or you experience other technical difficulties.

Deciding how much information you provide on a luggage tag is a personal choice; however keep in mind the primary goal it to make it identifiable and ensure the most accurate and relevant contact information is available.