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Here is are versions of this page translated into other languages: How to give a good research talk "How to give a good research talk Simon Peyton Jones, John Launchbury, John Hughes, sigplan Notices 28(11 Nov 1993. Publication implies that a proof is complete, correct, and original. By these standards, Perelmans proof was unorthodox. It was astonishingly brief for such an ambitious piece of work; logic sequences that could have been elaborated over many pages were often severely compressed.

Judgments about the accuracy of a proof are mediated by peer-reviewed journals; to insure fairness, reviewers are supposed to be carefully chosen by journal editors, and the identity of a scholar whose pa-per is under consideration is kept secret. How to Write Mathematics, by PR Halmos. Gian-Carlo Rota's excellent talk. Ten lessons I wish I had been taught, which, among other things, has a bit to say about giving a talk.

Finally, you write your presentation, analysis, and interpretation of your collected data. Did your hypothesis prove out correctly? If not, why? All results and discussions can be included in this section. At the end of May, a committee of nine prominent mathematicians had voted to award Perelman a Fields Medal for his work on the Poincar, and Ball had gone to St. Petersburg to persuade him to accept the prize in a public ceremony at the I.M.U.s quadrennial congress, in Madrid, on August 22nd. The Fields Medal, like the Nobel Prize, grew, in part, out of a desire to elevate science above national animosities. It covers choosing a research topic, doing research, and writing and submitting a paper. Research tips (including how to do research, how to write and present a paper, how to design a poster, how to review, etc by Sylvia Miksch Notes on presenting theses, edited by Aaron Sloman, gives useful guidelines and ideas for PhD students writing their thesis.