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For this reason, if a source has more than one author, the last name of the first alphabetic author should be listed with an "et al." following the name. Here is an example of how this can be done (Carlton et al., 1996). Q. What are the most common stylistic, grammatical or formal mistakes you see in students papers? How do these mistakes affect your evaluation of the content of a students work? A. Striking these phrases from the beginning of each sentence and recasting passive clauses in the active voice often dramatically improves a paper. First person pronouns are preferable to convoluted sentence structure using the passive voice, but they should not be overused. JavaScript disabled or chat unavailable. Chat Fall hours: Monday-Thursday 10am to 2am; Friday, 10am to 6pm; Saturday, 1 to 6pm; Sunday 1 to 6pm and 8pm to 2am. We can take text messages during open hours at. Some effects of stress in the adult on the larval development of. Mytilus edulis. Nature (London) 237: 459. Carlton, J. T., G. J. Vermeij, D. R. Lindberg, D. A. Carlton, and E. Is a thesis necessary? If so, how would you define a good thesis? Do you prefer the student to state her intended argument outright in the introduction, or to develop it through the paper and state it definitively only in the conclusion-or is she free to choose?

Such platitudes and generalities are not a conclusion, and the concluding paragraph should be specific to the subject of the paper and meaningful. Similarly, students often have trouble starting their papers.

I've tried to make the answers general enough and/or those I've heard from other instructors so that they will be more or less universally valid. Q. How should an argument be structured?