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Search for. Synonyms Antonyms Definitions, the Classroom school Subjects how to Write a Higher-Level Essay Introduction by JJ Stier, Demand Media, writing a good introduction is crucial to structuring a higher-level essay. Transitioning to the Thesis, by sentence three, you are ready to state the problem your paper is going to tackle. You take the hook and its interpretive second sentence and move toward the thesis by adding a sentence that does not yet state the thesis but introduces the problem or issue that you will address in the paper.

Context. Essays are usually written for an intelligent but uninformed audience, so begin with some context: the background of the topic, the topic scope, and any essential definitions. Introductions often begin with a broad opening statement that establishes the subject matter and background. She is particularly attuned to issues in education and parenting. She has spent many years in community colleges and universities teaching preparatory and developmental reading and writing and has served on committees that shape college policy in developmental studies. The thesis will shape the following paragraphs or pages and is essential an essential part of the structure of the essay. The Thought-Provoking First Sentence, whether you are writing a response to Emily Bronte's "Wuthering Heights a personal reflection essay, or an essay explaining the importance of a particular economic theory, the introduction is the anchor of the rest of.

Providing Support for the First Sentence, the thought-provoking hook in the first sentence should be followed with a sentence that moves the hook toward the thesis. The second sentence must interpret the thought-provoking first sentence and make it relevant to the thesis. In a very short essay (less than 1000 words for example, there is not much room to give a full and detailed context or structure. A longer essay has room for greater detail.