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Hi, i was unable to register myself as a writer on your website so I decided to reply on this forum. I am a freelance writer based in London. I have written for US UK magazines on the following topics: Women's Issue, Career, Travel, Food, Product Reviews, Relationships etc. The URL for the same is: m if you find the details ok then you could please send your contact details and submission guidelines. Looking forward tou your reply. Thanks Regards, nidhi Kaushik. Unsolicited articles will only be paid using the scaled rate. If the article has already been published elsewhere, then no payment will be issued. Otherwise we invite writers to write about things theyre passionate about. Scaled rate, the scaled rate ranges from 50-150 and is based on an article's popularity. The article's popularity is measured over a two-week span by Google Analytics, and payment is issued after the 14th day of publication.

News, aDvindicate is in the process of expanding its news coverage, so we'relooking for journalists. Experience or training in news coverage is ease contacteditorMary Hilde. Demographics, our monthly readership averages over 15,000 with a near even split between men and women. At some point in the last three years you may have written an article for ADvindicate, and we are thankful for the time and energy you put into it. The website would not be what it is today without you. A flat rate article will be paid for upon acceptance. Solicited AND unsolicited articles, the editor has the option of selecting either the scaled or flat rate for solicited articles. The rate will be agreed upon at the time of solicitation.