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Study Questions 1. What role does the diary play in Annes life? When Anne first begins writing in her diary as a thirteen-year-old girl, she feels that her friends and family all misunderstand her.

She wonders whether it would have been better to die a quick death than live a confined, tedious, and fearful existence. Anne quickly realizes, however, that she loves life too much and decides she is fortunate that she had the opportunity to evade the Germans. Anne thinks the laws are unjust, but she does not completely understand why the Jewish people have been singled out for this discrimination. She wishes that next time the Jews will be chosen for something good rather than something bad.

After two years, Anne is able to look back at the invaluable record of her experiences and analyze how she has grown and changed. In this sense, the diary becomes a significant tool for Annes maturity.

In this way, Anne becomes very independent at a young age. Moreover, Annes constant diary-writing enables her to discover her inner voice and her voice as a writer. The diary gives her a private place to explore and develop her increasingly profound thoughts and ideas. Seeing this, availing of service that provides different types of essay can indeed get the most out of their college life. We have to admit it, students need a break. So, our services can best complement your needs and get the most value available.

Until she befriends Peter, Anne has no one other than her diary with whom she can openly share her fear, anger, sadness, and hope. Anne calls the diary Kitty, indicating that she considers it a close friend.