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They are not going to be around to hold your hand once you are in college. This is your job. Plus, admission officers are skilled at detecting a parent's hand in an application. Don't make an extracurricular laundry list. It is more impressive to highlight the activities that got most of your attention and show your commitment and leadership. Do get presentable online. Set up an adult-friendly e-mail account that you can check from anywhere. Be sure to finish all the steps, such as arranging for teacher recommendations and completing supplements and financial aid documents. Do keep all correspondence. You may need to prove that you sent or received a document by a certain date. Don't procrastinate. Give yourself plenty of time to work on your essay. Some students allow several weeks. Give your teachers at least a month to complete your letters of recommendation. Remember the tortoise? Do pay attention to deadlines. A college usually won't accept a late application. Different parts of an application may have different deadlines. If you are mailing an application, allow a realistic amount of delivery time and arrange for proof of delivery. A Quick Guide To Writing The Common Application Essays.

Keep your language simple and to the point. Double-check your grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Ask a parent or teacher to proof your application. Don't let Mom or Dad fill out your application.