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Continuing Students who have enrolled full time for the first time for the fall semester and are now eligible for a Ventra U-Pass must contact the Campus Card Office to confirm the status of your Ventra card order. Back to top, q: What if my U-Pass is lost or stolen? A: If your card is lost or stolen, visit your schools U-Pass administrator to complete a report and request a new card. If you'd like to get directions by phone, you can do so by calling the RTA Travel Center at (312) (TTY: ). Operators are available daily from 5:00 a.m. - 1:00 a.m. They can also send you a CTA System Map, Downtown Sightseeing Guide or schedules.

There are two types of U-Pass in use. For information about your card, choose from the following: U-Pass, who is participating in the U-Pass program? Where can I go with my U-Pass?

A non-refundable replacement fee (50) will be collected for a lost/stolen card. If U-Pass is put into the cash slot on a bus, it is treated as lost/stolen and you'll need to pay 50.00 for a replacement.

To activate your Ventra U-Pass, call. The automated response system will ask for your name, oasis ID number and the Ventra Card number located on the back of the card. Register your Ventra card. To pay with a credit card, click here. To pay with cash, visit the cashier window, 600 South Michigan Ave 3rd Floor. Keep the receipt of the payment for your records. Important: Things to know about your Ventra U-Pass: If your Ventra U-Pass is lost or stolen, the fee to replace your Ventra U-Pass is 50. If you lose your card more than once, Ventra may revoke your Ventra U-Pass privileges.