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It is in fact that every students life is uniquely individual. Sooner or later each student, will have to write the ucas personal statement and there comes an almost irresistible urge to share the story of our lives with the admission officer.

Writing is an art form and I am here to help you as much as I can. Whenever we set out on a journey of any kind and writing the ucas personal statement is a journey, it is sensible to take along a map to prevent getting lost.

M are also a good service if you live in the USA. We have free personal statement samples and a great writing guide to help you get your place at university. It never hurts to get your application edited by a professional organisation.

Therefore, it may be worth doing a quick search on the internet for biblographies on your subject area. This website provides a set of exclusive advice to help with the university admission process.

YES - If you cannot afford to pay for an editing service then please e-mail me your personal statement, I will give you free advice if you agree to allow me to post your finished statement on this website 12 months after you have submitted your statement to me.

Boring bit - Why I started this website. My elation was indescribable when I received my ucas letter of acceptance to study. English at all six of my university choices. Over the next couple of years, spent at university studying the ins and outs of English at university, I decided to write a website to help other potential students with.

Just putting down your story on section 10 of the ucas form can be traumatic. The effort is a challenge for the mind and the least it can achieve is a valuable script to get into the university of choice.