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Outlining a paper before you begin writing helps ensure your paper has a clear overall structure and forward momentum.  A strong outline details each topic and subtopic in your paper, organizing these points so that they build your argument toward its conclusion.  A less common form is the decimal outline, and your professor will tell you which kind of outline to use. The best way to gain an understanding of the APA outline format is to look at examples.

Example: A. Describe an influential person in your life 1. Favorite high school teacher 2. Grandparent (The category of influential people in your life is general, and a favorite teacher and grandparent are specific.) Use division - Division should be accomplished in this manner.

Following are three APA outline format examples. To save space in the examples, only the first section of the outline will show the proper spacing. The College Application Process (Basic APA format i. Inside the sub-headings you use Arab numerals and lower case letters, in that order followed by Arab numerals in parenthesis. The full sentence outline is set up the same way, but with full sentences on each level of the outline. C. Current Link between Education and Employment Type: Increasingly, uneducated workers work in unskilled or low-skilled jobs (cite sources). D. Gaps in the Research: Little information exists exploring the health implications of the current conditions in low-skilled jobs. Writing from an outline can help you avoid tangents, logical fallacies, and underdeveloped paragraphs. Review our resources below for guidelines on developing a strong outline. Example Outline, the following outline is for a 5-7 page paper discussing the link between educational attainment and health. The structure needs to remain consistent throughout all the headings and sub-headings. For example, this means if you start each heading with a verb, then all your headings and subheadings should start with a verb.