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Literature Review on Reaction Time

This makes these papers hard to understand for the beginning student. In this review, I have ignored these brain organization questions and summarized the major literature conclusions that are applicable to undergraduate laboratories using my, reaction Time software. Exercise would also affect an individual s reaction time, since both skeletal muscle and the brain. Kosinski, Robert J. A Literature Review on Reaction. Time. Muscle contraction times were the same for males and females. In a surprising finding, Szinnai et al. (2005) found that gradual dehydration (loss of 2.6 of body weight over a 7-day period) caused females to have lengthened choice reaction time, but males to have shortened choice reaction times. It was as if the isometric contraction allowed the brain to work faster. Age. Reaction time shortens from infancy into the late 20s, then increases slowly until the 50s and 60s, and then lengthens faster as the person gets into his 70s and beyond (Welford, 1977; Jevas and Yan, 2001; Luchies et al., 2002; Rose et al., 2002). When troubled by a distraction, older people also tend to devote their exclusive attention to one stimulus, and ignore another stimulus, more completely than younger people (Redfern et al., 2002). Lajoie and Gallagher (2004) found that old people who tend to fall in nursing homes had a significantly slower reaction time than those that did not tend to fall.

Differences in reaction time between these types of stimuli persist whether the subject is asked to make a simple response or a complex response (Sanders, 1998, p. 114). Stimulus Intensity Froeberg (1907) found that visual stimuli that are longer in duration elicit faster reaction times, and Wells (1913) got the same result for auditory stimuli.

Jevas and Yan (2001) reported that age-related deterioration in reaction time was the same in men and women. Left vs. Right hand. The hemispheres of the cerebrum are specialized for different tasks.

To study simple auditory reaction time in congenitally blind subjects and in age sex matched. A review of the literature on the effect of low doses of alcohol on.