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Stamp - definition of stamp by The Free Dictionary

10. To identify, characterize, or reveal: stamped her as a traitor to the cause. V. Intr. 1. To thrust the foot forcibly downward: stamp on the brake pedal. 2. To walk with forcible, heavy steps.

By out to stamp out a fire; to stamp out crime. 4. To crush or pound with or as if with a pestle. 5. To impress with a mark or device as an indication of genuineness, approval, etc. (Printing, Lithography Bookbinding) a block, die, etc, used for imprinting a design or device 14. (Printing, Lithography Bookbinding) a design, device, or mark that has been stamped 15. A characteristic feature or trait; hallmark: the story had the stamp of authenticity.

6. To mark with a distinguishing feature: Age stamped his face with lines. 7. To imprint or impress on something: Stamp the date on each page. 8. To affix a postage stamp to.

1. To strike or beat with a forcible, downward thrust of the foot. 2. To bring (the foot) down forcibly on the ground, floor, etc. 3. To crush, extinguish, etc., by or as if by striking with a forcible downward thrust of the foot (often fol. ( intr ) to walk with heavy or noisy footsteps 3. (foll by: on ) to repress, extinguish, or eradicate: he stamped on any criticism. 4. ( tr ) to impress or mark (a particular device or sign) on (something) 5. N. 13. A die or block for impressing or imprinting. 14. A design made for imprinting. 15. An official mark or seal indicating genuineness, validity, etc., or payment of a duty or charge.