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Participants are expected to have a good command of English, allowing them to communicate fluently. Preparation Participants write a short text in formal English, including the following information: - level of experience / number of publications - biggest hurdles in writing - expectations of the course The deadline for submission is Thursday 3 September Participants are expected to submit (1) an. Grounds Maintenance Equipment Blue Book 2007, Mike Hall Don Carlos, Infante of Spain - A Dramatic Poem, in. You will be contacted by email as soon as places are available. As places are offered in order of registration, this may take a few months. More information Humanities and Social Sciences Presentation and Seminar Skills Course duration Each course consists of 9 weekly two-hour sessions.

Scott Fitzgerald, Henry Miller, Dylan Thomas, Sylvia Love, John Tytell. Swales and B. Feak, Michigan University Press isbn: Title 1 is 3-9 title 2 is 3-0 Groups taught byMs Van Durme Terms and conditions: Writing Skills for Science, Engineering Technology and Technology K.U.L Doctoral Researchers Course Providers: Interfacultair Instituut  voor Levende Talen, ILT KU Leuven is an interfaculty service providing specialized language courses. Whybray Exploring Geometry W/Gsp4 Student Bundl Pkg An Introduction to English Medieval Literature (1914 Charles Sears Baldwin Mannix Ost, Lalo Schifrin The Return Of Superfly Hold It Like a Football. Just Remember Not to Spike It. Blanpain. Academic Writing. A Resource for Researchers. Acco, 2012. Entry requirements The course is open to KU Leuven researchers (doctoral students, research associates, postdoctoral students etc.). Participants must be at the writing stage of their dissertation/project. Academic English for Junior Researchers, iLT offers courses in academic writing and presentation skills for junior researchers (doctoral students, research associates, postdoctoral students etc.). These courses are free of charge. There are three separate programmes: Biomedical Sciences, writing Skills for Biomedical Researchers, course duration 1 course 3 classes of 3 h each.