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SEO Copywriting: How to Give Good Customer Service When You Never

Before we even entered the tool section, an employee a customer server came up to us to see if he could help us find anything. His name was Jeremy. I know this because in his genuine effort to help he stood in front of us actually making eye contact. Customer Service. Talk about an overused value add. Everyone says they are great at it. Everyone says its what makes them stand apart. Heads start nodding (and some eyes probably start rolling) when the phrase is expressed that the customer is always right.

Funny thing about that; its so much easier to engage face to face. I guess he forgot to ask what it was we werent able to find just to make sure he couldnt assist us.

Because the rhetoric surrounding customer service isnt at all new. Theres so much of it, in fact, I believe weve become entirely desensitized to what it actually is. And what it isnt.

Brad is different. He doesnt just sit back and collect a check. He provides exemplary service every step of the way. If Brad writes a policy for you, your time will be respected.

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