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The 4 Delivery Methods

Lacking the confidence professional writers exhibit in their prose style, our written language becomes stilted. Compare a newspaper headline to the way you would relay news to a friend. In conversation we tend to be more natural, using shorter sentences, more colorful language, contractions, and slang. If you know you have three points or ideas to say, just start off simple by saying, "I would just like to talk about 3 points". The first point is. The second point is. The fourth kindthe extemporaneous speechis the one that works best for almost every speaker. It means being very well prepared, but not having every word set. From the beginning, practice using notes, but never a typed script. The more you rehearse, the better your speech will be. Those who knew Abraham Lincoln well said that the effectiveness of his talks was in direct proportion to the amount of time he spent rehearsing them aloud and on his feet.

Occasionally Throw in an off-the-cuff remark - Because you want your style to be flexible and seem impromptu, trust your instinct and add a few words which just pop into your head. Lenny Laskowski, about Lenny, partial Client List, what People have said, services Information Request. Keynotes, seminars, educational Materials, request Immediate Information, public Speaking Tips, how to Contact Us. Sign Our Guestbook, links 1113 Deer Hill Dr. Novice speakers often believe that if they memorize their speeches by reading them over and over word for word; they'll be able to stand up and deliver the speech verbatim without reading.

Do not write out the exact words, but just the points you want to mention. Maintain eye contact with the audience - This is easier to do if you do not write down all kinds of stuff to read.