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The Reluctant Fundamentalist: Mohsin Hamid

The idea that God has enemies, and needs human help in order to identify and dispose of them, is a little difficult to assimilate. It is not, however, all that alien.

Topping the list of potential new global bogeymen, however, are the Yellow Peril, the alleged threat to American economic security emanating from East Asia, and the so-called Green Peril (green is the color of Islam). Wahhabism or Wahhabi mission is a religious movement or branch of Sunni Islam. 6 It has been variously described as orthodox, ultraconservative, 7 and. This belief influenced a number of Christian, Muslim, and Jewish sects, through Manichaeism and other routes. The almost forgotten religion of the Manichees has given its name to the perception of problems as a stark and simple conflict between matching forces of pure good and pure evil. Hence his struggle involved a state and its armed forces. If the fighters in the war for Islam, the holy war "in the path of God are fighting for God, it follows that their opponents are fighting against God. The Reluctant Fundamentalist Home English Literature Essay 'The Reluctant Fundamentalist' by Mohsin Hamid is a dramatic monologue of the protagonist in the. Commitment to them and are trying to exploit the menace of Islamic fundamentalism to secure military support, economic aid, and political back. They are encouraged by foreign governments who, for reasons of self-interest, want to see Washington embroiled in the coming West vs. Islam confrontation. The result is the construction of the new peril, a process that does not reflect any grand conspiracy but that nevertheless has its own logic, rules and timetables.