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Many utilities now give consumers the option to buy "green power." Ask for it! Learn the truth about nuclear power and natural gas as viable "green" options. They aren't. Radioactive waste will be a problem for tens of thousands of years into the future, and natural gas kicks out almost as much carbon dioxide as coal and oil.

Clean vents, close unused vents, and change filters in the vents. Again, just these simple things will save you 10 percent. Buy a programmable thermostat, which can regulate different temperatures at different times of the day. If your refrigerator is near a heating vent, or always in the sun, then change the location, cover up the heat vent near it or drape the window. Turn on your "energy saver" switch near the thermostat. Recycling technology will also help to eliminate waste. Are under scrutiny and are constantly subject to trails to improve the efficiency of existing systems. Environmental science is an interdisciplinary academic field that integrates. On design and technology for improving environmental quality in every aspect. But besides going organicthereby saving the carbon release from soilthere are other simple things you can do with food that will also make a difference: Eat locally grown food. If the food doesn't have to travel far, there's less carbon dioxide from the trucks th. Carmakers haven't sold enough hybrids in the U.S. Yet to make them as affordable as they should be. That will change, but not for a few years. So, in the interim, there are things you can do with the car you drive now to conserve energy and be more fuel-efficient. Science vs. Culturally driven sciencing. I once wrote a paper on this topic. Science that threatens the natural world is suicidal by nature. Darwin tells us that.