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How to launch your book with at least 25 Amazon reviews Tim Grahl

If you've purchased a digital gift for someone else, the 48-hour waiting period doesn't begin until the gift has been redeemed. To submit a review: Go to the product detail page for the item on m.

Free digital downloads don't qualify. You don't need to have purchased the product you're reviewing. There's a 48-hour waiting period after your first physical order has been completely shipped, or your digital item has been purchased, before you'll be able to submit your review. General Review Creation Guidelines. Amazon wants your opinions to be heard. We want customers to get the information they need to make smart buying. Important: Before you can post a review, you need to have an m. Click Write a customer review in the Customer Reviews section. Book reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers by submitting a written or video review. Important: Before you can post a review, you need to have an m account that has successfully been charged for the purchase of a physical or digital item. Sep 30, 2014. I was able to launch my own book with more than 25 book reviews on Day. I just reviewed a book that I didn t buy on Amazon but have in my.

Aug 25, 2012. Business Day. The Best Book Reviews Money Can Buy. Twenty percent of. Amazon s top-selling e-books are self-published. They do not get.