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Welcome, to the Vanguard School. O.K. Take a deep breath and relax for a moment. Here are some ways that parents with Aspergers adolescents can deal effectively with some common, everyday issues: 1. Alcoholic drinks or drugs often react adversely with your youngster's prescriptions, so you have to teach your youngster about these dangers. Since most Aspergers teens are very rule-oriented, try emphasizing that drugs and alcohol are illegal. 2. As you prepare your adolescent for the workforce, keep in mind that people with Aspergers often do not understand office politics. Always keep the following ideas in the back of your mind: a teen with Aspergers is still a child with thoughts and feelings you are the adult this youngster looks to for support and guidance negative behaviors usually occur because the Aspergers teen is spinning out of control, not because he is evil the client in Aspergers is the whole. Some Aspergers teens can find work in their field of special interest, or in jobs that have little interpersonal interaction. Other adolescents have spent joyful summers at camps designed for adolescents like them. The "disability viewpoint will help because it eliminates blame, sets reasonable expectations thereby minimizing anger, and points the way for moms and dads and educators to see themselves as "therapists" not victims.

The wonderful uniqueness viewpoint will help because you really are in for a special and often quite enjoyable experience as a parent of an Aspergers child. 25. You will make it through this you have no choice.

16. Most summer and part-time jobs (e.g., movie usher, fast food worker, store clerk, etc.) involve interaction with the public. This means they are not always a good fit for an adolescent with Aspergers.