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The prelesson of each book gives specific information and instruction on using the book and working with the child such as praise, rewards, and how to make the lessons fun. I know that these books will make your lives easier. They have mine! The child knows what he/she want to say, but the sounds come out mixed up.  It is sometimes frustrating for parents when they have heard their child produce that F sound perfectly, but then when it comes time to applying it to phrases or Full post too often I come across administrators, teachers, and even sometimes parents who underestimate the. Since the publication of my first book, How to Correct a Child's Lisp in 15 Easy Lessons, I have been thrilled with the of popularity of the "Help Me Talk Right" books. Home, the Talking Point Speech Advantage, from the very first meeting, Talking Point Speech Therapy, LLC emphasizes family education and involvement in a childs speech therapy. This approach promotes enhanced progress, as it allows children to be able to quickly carry skills into everyday life into the contexts that they will be naturally used, and with the people with whom. Each Help Me Talk Right book is a complete therapy program for the "S "R and "L" sounds. Some of the popular uses for the Help Me Talk Right books are: Resources for the correction of /s /l and /r/. Assigning speech assistants specific lessons in the book. Time consuming direct supervision of assistants is greatly reduced, freeing up a large chunk of professional time. Parents can do the books' practice sessions as carryover and reinforcement of goals accomplished in speech therapy. More informed families foster and support faster results! Pam's Talking Points. I will start with the disclaimer that the information contained in this post is only meant as a guide and should not take the place of advice from a professional who has actually evaluated your child, it is only meant as a starting place.