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What You Can't Say - Paul Graham

The first step that needs to be taken in order to go from pro-equality in spirit to pro-equality in deed is to understand this concept and what it means in an anti-oppression activist context. Even if the person in question is angry, hateful, etc. Even if you, personally, dont act that way. You Can Only Sympathize, Not Empathize, this is probably the hardest one for me, personally, to wrap my mind around because Im all about drawing links between oppressions. Would that we lived in such a world! But the world is more complex than that. The same power dynamics that create privilege have created a hierarchy of prejudice so that discrimination against a privileged group is not the same as discrimination against a non-priivleged group. They are a good judge of how your actions come across to them. Not everyones opinions will be the same, but eventually youll come out with some semblance of balance that works for you and those around you.

Criticism is Not Hatred. Any time a non-privileged individual busts out with an angry critique (or even a nice one someone will eventually come up with the, Im sorry you hate men/whites/heterosexuals/etc. Revisiting Politically Correct, your first instinct might be to dismiss words like womyn and being asked not to use gay as an insult as that PC crap. If so, sit back and think about that.

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