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Mount Rushmore National Memorial is visited by nearly three million people each year that come to marvel at the majestic beauty of the Black Hills of South Dakota and learn about the birth, growth, development and preservation of the country.

Read More, pine Beetle Infestation, the Black Hills area has experienced severe drought conditions for several years now, allowing the mountain pine beetle to proliferate. Read More. Did You Know?

From the history of the first inhabitants to the diversity of America today, Mount Rushmore brings visitors face to face with the rich heritage we all share. Read More, features, pets at Mount Rushmore, service dogs are allowed at Mount Rushmore. (36CFR 1.5 Closures Public Limits) Read More, mount Rushmore Goes Digital, mount Rushmore's mobile app is now available free to the public. Get up close and personal with the presidents on your iPhone or iPad! Other pets are only allowed in the pet exercise areas located near the parking structure. Read More, unmanned Aircraft, launching, landing or operating unmanned or remote controlled aircraft within Mount Rushmore nmem is prohibited. Nasa/JPL-Caltech/Univ. Of Arizona, test your smarts on ancient mummies, the waters of Mars, and more of last week's hottest science news!

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