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I worked with them while developing the m MustWin Process, and they helped test many of the steps and forms. Their CEO, Bob Rogers, was kind enough to give me permission to write about our experience working together. Luckily our schedule called for early draft "check-ins" well ahead of final draft reviews. We had time to re-direct the authors. Sometimes re-directing authors to do something other than what they are used to can be difficult (like pulling teeth).

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This way it is all spelled out for them. Making changes after the reviews was straightforward - fix specific validation items and then reevaluate them. It was a process of elimination and they managed to execute it without backtracking or second guessing areas that had passed their evaluation. Lesson Learned: One ounce of doing a proposal is worth several pounds of process documentation if you don't have much experience. Maybe I'll create an exercise for a future proposal course that involves doing the process in reverse chronological order.

You can connect with Todd via his website t. Find more about me on: Share This Content, subscribe to Updates. In this case, we were able to clearly show that what was being produced was not RFP compliant. We also took the step of re-allocating what the authors had written to the Content Plan/outline and marked the wholes that needed to be completed.