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Classical (Greek & Roman) Mythology - Step-by-Step Guide

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Write the thesis by starting with the body of the paper. Write the thesis last. By the time you finish the body of the thesis you will know exactly what the paper looks like and the introduction will be easier to write. For, books use the, books More search to find specific titles from the bibliographies you noted above. Use the. Books More - Advanced Search to find additional books on your issue question. The conclusion is your chance to really push an idea home. For example, reword the thesis statement on Greek mythology to show you made your point. Use any tools available to you to ensure the paper is formatted properly and free of errors.

Note where you will include them in your outline. For example, outline the different aspects of popular culture like TV, movies, video games and literature and where Greek mythology shows up. Design the thesis so it follows a logical flow, with each thought expanding on or backing up the previous thought. Add graphics such as charts, time graphs or pictures from the type of mythology you are writing about. Use online spell checkers, have friends read the paper and take it to an editing service at your university. Many universities offer these services in the library for students. Set the paper aside for a few days and go back and review it with fresh eyes. For example, a thesis statement should start with a proposed statement of fact followed by a simplified. How Did the Peloponnesian. An important part of academic writing, the clincher statement resolves whatever questions or claims were previously put forth.