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How to Develop a Research Paper Timeline

There are also online calculators that will assist you in setting deadlines for phases of the research process. The following web applications could also assist you in the creation of your timeline and help you to remind yourself of when deadlines are approaching. Once you have created your timeline, it will need to be incorporated into your proposal document.  Copy-Paste your timeline into your Word file, if possible.  If you used an online application to assist you in your organization, create a document representing your timeline that can be placed into your proposal rough draft. Be sure to include time to review and synthesize your data or reflect on the overall study.  You should include time to prepare the final research product as well. You may need to set up two different types of timelines for this part of your proposal:  one working timeline, the one that actually organizes you, and one proposal timeline, a. You can look at the following examples to see how other researchers have organized their timelines. One way to organize yourself is to create a basic table in a Word document or do look at other templates. In order to do this, you need to map out what you will do and when you will do it. Consider the overall amount of time you have been given to complete your study, from start date to final product.

How will you provide regular updates and progress reports and to whom will you provide them?  How will you demonstrate progress? Reviewing samples of other research investigation timelines can give ideas for what you would like to include in your own schedule and how you will budget your time.  Return to Other Elements of the Methodology. Timelines are important in evaluating the feasibility of your project. Inexperienced researchers tend to underestimate the amount of time that the various stages of research will take. Be generous when working out time frames and check them with a more experienced researcher.