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Vim documentation: options

The listing from set" looks different from Vi. Long string options are put at the end of the list. The number of options is quite large. The output of "set all" probably does not fit on the screen, causing Vim to give the more-prompt.

The old value can be inserted by typing 'wildchar' (by default this is a Tab or ctrl-E if 'compatible' is set). See cmdline-completion. White space between option and ' is allowed and will be ignored.

This question is scientifically approachable, and the attention schema theory supplies the outlines of an answer. Attention is a data-handling method used by neurons. It isnt a substance and it doesnt flow. How do neurons produce a magic internal experience? How does the magic emerge from the neurons? The theory that I am proposing dispenses with all of that. It concerns itself instead with the second type of question: how, and for what survival advantage, does a brain attribute subjective experience to itself? Avoid it. Add-option-flags remove-option-flags E539 E550 E551 E552 Some options are a list of flags. When you want to add a flag to such an option, without changing the existing ones, you can do it like this: :set guioptionsa Remove a flag from an option like this: :set guioptions-a This removes the 'a' flag from 'guioptions'. The second question, how a brain becomes aware of all that computed stuff, is the hard problem. I believe that the easy and the hard problems have gotten switched around. The sheer scale and complexity of the brains vast computations makes the easy problem monumentally hard to figure out.

Last set from error handler Option was cleared when evaluating it resulted in an error. Not available when compiled without the eval feature :set-termcap E522 For option the form "t_xx" may be used to set a terminal option. This will override the value from the termcap. You can then use it in a mapping. If the "xx" part contains special characters, use the t_xx form: :set t 4 Ot This can also be used to translate a special code for a normal key.