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Though many of them will probably notice that you're the best man by now, after the wedding ceremony, it's still important to say who you are and how you know the groom and bride.

5 Make a light-hearted joke at the groom's expense. A good best man usually shares a joke involving the groom, giving everyone a peek at the grooms personality. If you want to throw in a classy but funny quot;, consider Oscar Wildes "Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence." You shouldn't be offensive, but you can make a joke. The main part of your speech should be a brief story about the groom and, possibly, the bride. While the goal of the story is to give your speech a more personal touch, avoid dredging up unpleasant details from the past. It's best if it's a trait that most people can recognize about the groom so people don't feel like you're making an inside joke.2 Remember that half of the people in the room may not know each other. It's likely that not everybody present will know you, so you should say who you are, how you met the bride and groom, and how long you've known them. Even if you haven't memorized your speech, try to memorize the opening lines so you can begin sincerely. You can play this for laughs a bit as long as you don't come off sounding like a total creep. You can say something about the lovely color of the dresses, how big of a help they've been during the wedding, and whatever else you can say that is quick and tasteful. But be prepared in advance in case you're given the microphone and find that your audience isn't exactly rapt. 3, introduce yourself. The first thing you should do is to tell the audience who you are.