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Information about how the person died. If the person died in a particularly gruesome way or by suicide, you may want to use your discretion, but if the person died in a major catastrophe, at war, or after battling a long illness, you may want to include it.

If you'd like the obituary to run in papers other than the local papers, such as national papers if the person was notable, or other local papers in a town where your loved one spent a lot of his life, then you should call those newspapers as well.

Ad 2, read other obituaries. Pick up the local paper that will be printing your obituary and read as many obituaries as you can. This will give you a better sense of what a typical obituary looks like, and will also let you see if the newspaper has a certain style; it can be more formal or more free-flowing than. If you don't know when the funeral will take place yet, you can write the name of the funeral home so people can contact the home for more information. If you plan on running the obituary more than once, you can include this information the next time if you know it then. The birth place of the deceased, or the names of other places where he lived if they were important to him. Some information or anecdotes that show the person's quirks or personality traits. Privacy Policy  This website's privacy policy. Better obituary writing today can help tomorrow's findings. Resources and Links  Here are some suggestions of websites, books, and other resources available that are related to obituaries and obituary writing. News and Reviews  News and reviews of books and other resources on obituaries, obituary writing, and associated topics, including Obituaries in American Culture and also Ordinary Lives, Extraordinary Stories.

Avoid any fancy words that may muddle your meaning. Your obituary should be respectful and simple. 2 Ask for feedback. Once you've revised your work, you should ask for the feedback of another person who knew the loved one well, because this can give you a better sense of what you've accomplished in the obituary.