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Track repair status and fill out reports detailing the time spent on repairs and expenses for parts.

We simply advise you of your vehicle needs and from there it is up to you if you would like to fix your vehicle or not. I can't speak for all advisors, but my dealership simply wants you to enjoy driving your vehicle hassle free. If you are interested in becoming a service advisor or are one and would like additional knowledge, look them up. Anon319806, post 15, i would consider myself an automotive god. I have worked on cars, worked in the parts department and I am a service advisor. Together with the technicians, service advisors ascertain the cause of the issue(s) that prompted a given customer's visit, work to address and resolve those issues. Also, since technicians will often have more than one possible solution to a given issue, service advisors must be able to relate these options to the customer and help them select a course of action.

Read More. Automobile service advisors often handle the billing process once service has been completed on clients' vehicles. They may also test drive a vehicle before, during or after service, and they will often answer any questions clients may have and help clients select or decide on appropriate services or products. This is no exaggeration. I have seen these responses after I have been given perfect scores. The pay doesn't equal the hours put into job. Find a job that you can be happy with and have some quality of life. The pay for most advisors has dropped drastically. I say most, because some advisors have situated themselves in such a way that they get most of the profitable work while the other advisors fight for the left overs.