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Having seen how the French negative works in general with ne. Pas, we'll look at how to form the negative of the perfect tense. This allows us to say in French that something "didn't happen in the past". I've been, I went, she saw etc. the basic idea is as follows: put ne. Pas around the auxiliary ( avoir or tre then put the past participle after pas. For example, compare these affirmative and negative sentences: AffirmativeNegative j'ai regard la tl, i watched TV je n' ai pas regard la tl, i didn't watch TV j'ai fait mes. If you haven't learnt the perfect tense yet, then you'll understand this page better if you first go and learn the basics of the. French perfect tense. (This is the form used normally to express basic past tense forms such as. I didn't do my homework, I haven't done my homework je suis parti en vacances I went on holiday je ne suis pas parti en vacances I didn't go on holiday This page written by Neil Coffey.

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