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Ielts writing tips from British Council

E.g. Central Australia, disagreement with the statement: Teacher has a role in disciplining children, teacher has a role in encouraging and inspiring children 3. You now have a structure for the main body of your essay, and it answers the question perfectly. If its an evaluate question, they will be positive aspects and negative aspects. Next, spend some time brainstorming. On rough paper, note down any ideas you can think of. If your mind goes blank, try some of these ideas.

In the conclusion, state how good it is overall. Illustrate :  If you are asked to illustrate something, you need to use examples to support your ideas. Ielts academic writing essay topics are very varied.

E.g. The Internet, websites, CD Roms, lots of activities can be done on a computer, e.g. Design software, videos. Children have been educated by computers for a long time in isolated places. Lets look at an example: As computers are being used more and more in education, teachers will soon be unnecessary. To what extent do you agree or disagree? 1. Divide your essay in to sections, this is a To what extent question. Discuss: If a question asks you to discuss a statement, you should consider the topic from different, opposing viewpoints. Dont just write about your own opinion; discuss two or more sides of the argument. Dont stray onto something else. So, how can you get ideas about a question that you know very little about? Firstly, divide your essay up into manageable sections. If it is a discuss question, these sections will be Agreement with the statement and Disagreement with the statement.