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The Giver by Lois Lowry (Review) - Minute Book Report

When they reach the age of nine, each child will get his or her own bicycle to use to travel around the Community. In the mornings, each family performs a ritual, which they call the telling of dreams. If the incorrect term of a word is said, the speaker will be chastised. Each child will receive a comfort object, which is a stuffed animal, at a young age, but will have it taken away once he reached a certain age. In the Community, led by a Committee of Elders, almost all aspects of every citizens lives are controlled and planned out for them. When the eleven-year-olds of the Community turn twelve, a career is chosen for them which they must live with for the rest of their lives. Jonas is placed with the job of being the one and only Receiver of the Community, meaning he will receive all of the memories of the past from the Giver. After receiving many memories, Jonas realizes the many restrictions the Community has placed upon the citizens. Each member of the family has a turn to tell what he dreamed about the night before. In the evenings, another ritual is performed. This one is called the telling of feelings, in which each member of the household gets to tell the rest what he did, experienced, and felt that day. He comes to a decision to run away with Gabriel, the toddler his family is watching over, despite the many rules he will break. Story Summary. In the Community, all aspects of all citizens lives are controlled, from what they say to their everyday routines.

Jonas lives with his mom and little brother, when he tells her mom shes exited and also worries what type of stuff will happen to him. However Jonas went to the elders and realizes he has to go to a training, to be the new receiver of memories for the village. M2Fcheckout2Fpay2Ffree-trial bypassPaymentPage1 joinFreeUrl essays/?newuser1 siteId 1 facebook clientId version v2.2 language en_US analytics googleId UA ").