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Like Haw and Hem, the principal and faculty must realize that when faced with sudden change the initial reaction will be fear of the unknown. This reaction leads one to deny the need for change, take change as a personal attack, and over-analyze the causes for the change.

Therefore, it is important for the leader of a school and the faculty to view change as a way of gaining something rather than losing something; as a better solution not something worse; and as what is right rather than what is wrong.

Authorship, you are the only owner of the completed work. You are the sole user of the paper and you can change it the way you need. NO written work received by the customer is ever resold. Once Haw accepted that change was necessary, he took on much of the same qualities as Scurry. He found his running shoes and set out in search of a new cheese. Like Scurry, the principal and faculty must understand that the path to change will be filled with obstacles or setbacks. They must not become discourage by these obstacles and should continue to find new paths that will allow them to successfully find a new cheese. They will continue to take change personally and spend all of their time and energy analyzing why change is not needed, the causes of the change, and waiting for the old cheese to return. Like Haw, as one begins to taste the successes of change, he/she realizes that it was not as fearful as one first expected and begins moving quicker toward making the change a reality.