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Sometimes some publications leave the salary upon first viewing the writers talent or competence. While some publications allow the writer to himself have his say about his pay. Of course all of this depends on how much experienced the writer is in this field, if he is well-versed in writing since years, then definitely he will have his say about.

Professional writers are expected to get more salary than the fresh writers. The payment is done after acceptance of the work by the in-charge. The employer and employee both have a mutual agreement on the fact that how the pay is going to be delivered. How Much a Freelance Writer is Typically Paid? Every company has its own criteria to choose that how much they pay Freelance Writers. Usually the fair formula for this, which is suggested to employers for freelance writers, is to calculate the billing rate for the writer and then multiply it with the expected profitable hours. If you want to begin this career, it is important for you to keep a knowhow of how the pay system works for a freelance writer. How is the Payment Criteria Finalized?

Since a writer puts in so much effort into drafting, editing and compiling what has been written, he/she definitely deserves a fair amount of payment for this dedication. Not only the pay helps the writer financially, but it also serves as a motivation or incentive for him/her to work better every time.

Gradually as you gain a hold on your work, you automatically come into a position of getting paid more. With the new Google scenario, targeting spamming and low quality content, the need of good writers, capable of producing high quality content has only increased. Though there is a wide crop of writers available for hire but good writing is still a natural craft and if you have it you should be compensated nicely for it.