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You are encouraged to participate in keeping ncswa alive and active. This year's event took place on March 28 and featured: Plenary talks by the Washington Post's Joel Achenbach and NPR's Christopher Joyce. A session all about editing, led by some of the D.C. A DC Science Caf Event, an outsiders inside view of science in Iran - Tuesday, October 6. With the Iran nuclear negotiations thick in the news this year, Science magazines intrepid international science editor, Richard Stone, gained exclusive access to some of that countrys top scientists.

The food samples a range of cuisine from Afghani to Indian, from Chinese dim sum to rubber chicken. After dinner, a scientist discusses current research. Speakers have included astrophysicist George Smoot, climatologist Stephen Schneider, anthropologist Katherine Milton, chemist Richard Zare, and archeologist Margaret Conkey. Area's top science editors. A panel on funding international reporting projects, a discussion about how the press got it right and wrong while covering the Ebola crisis. Sessions on book writing, storytelling, animation and freelance finance, appointments with a resume coach, a workshop on the art and science of story pitching, leading up to the.

We will hike the upstream half of Loop A. Callan writes: "Rocks preserve a story of deposition in an ancient ocean basin by underwater landslides, then multiple episodes of metamorphism and deformation during the earliest phase of Appalachian mountain building. Save the dates: Monday, October 19: Special lecture and Q A for dcswa members at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore! More information TBA or email. Tuesday, October 20: Professional development workshop with resume coach.